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A Big History

Big Think has been making a big impression since the doors first opened in 2011. Leading the charge, founder and director, Tony Clark. After spending 10+ years learning the craft and climbing the ranks, Tony's aspirations of creating a nimble, creative and progressive agency came to fruition with Big Think. Since then, he has remained agile in his role, flexing with the business and our client's needs, to now having a firm focus on new business and client management.

A Big History


Fellow director, Stephanie Ainslie, joined Big Think in 2021, although her working relationship with Tony dates back to 2004. Steph brings experience in both digital and full service marketing agencies which has helped invigorate our offering, particularly across media and marketing. Additionally, Steph oversees the entire output of our studio, making sure excellence is at the core of what we do.

Present Day

Equipped with a team bursting with big brains and personality, we continue to work with clients across a variety of industries from leisure and entertainment to hospitality and health. Our directors remain hands on with the work we do, balancing their time between happy clients and a happy workplace.

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Bigger Future

Need some Big Thinkers on your team?

Val Ambition Txt Values Mob Ambition

We’re ambitious, you’re ambitious: we get that we WANT that. Your own career ambitions are nurtured with good HR practices, continued learning and open dialogue.
As you progress, the agency does.

Val Personalities Txt Values Mob Personalities

We are a people business. What makes each of us unique is what makes Big Think special.
We want a diverse, ambitious, energetic and clever team, and you’re part of it.

Val Futures Txt Values Mob Futures

We want to understand your future goals,
and we want to help you get there

Val Thanks Txt Values Mob Thanks

A job well done should always be rewarded, whether that be a thank you, a shout out or something bigger.
Recognition should be part of every day life.

Val Egos Txt Values Mob Egos

Leave your ego at the door, it’s just getting in the way.

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