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Promoting Scotland's biggest music Festival, TRNSMT

TRNSMT Festival. It's a rite of passage, a weekend of the best music, a catch-up with pals, a way to discover your new favourite band, and memories made each and every year. 

As Scotland's biggest party, we've worked with DF Concerts to deliver a multi-functional marketing campaign across Glasgow, Scotland and the wider UK that showcases both the acts, and the experiences, that make the festival a must-do for over 50,000 fans a day.

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Campaigning begins almost immediately after the festival's last act of the weekend. We are prepping media placements for next year's festival almost straight away, building on the excitement of three days of live music.

Media routes, both small and large, are planned and secured in advance, ensuring our campaign has stand out and longevity, making the most of the budget, and best use of the campaign creative.

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At launch, excitement builds for headliner announcements - as the team build anticipation across social media, it is our role to ensure the line-up is everywhere. Across digital channels, via remarketing audiences, across the city on timed digital OOH, on your telly, in your ears...

Working with partners across the media mix, this phase encompasses the city, and using digital targeting, the country.

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As the campaign matures, the line-up grows, and we work to continue a presence across key points in the year. Use of paid social, search, programmatic display and email marketing allow us to keep content fresh, and share new announcements at pace, without the campaign stagnating.

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Summer is coming, and it's time to 'Choose TRNSMT'. There's no doubt that over the last few years ticket purchase behaviour has changed, and there are many who, already convinced, just need to complete final transaction. This phase of the campaign helps build excitement for the festival as a whole - as a place to be with friends, to enjoy the Boogie Bar, to try out brand new food.. there's so much to see and do, don't sleep on your ticket! 

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And before you know it, it's time to start all over again. Each year we benefit from learnings and custom audiences to prepare our marketing for the year ahead. Plus, we work with market research partners to understand exactly what ticket holders thought of the festival and it's communications, and their needs, which helps us tailor media and messaging for the future.

There's no party like TRNSMT, and over and above all the hard work, the highlight of our year is the weekend itself too! 

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