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BIG Thinking since 2011

Over the years we've grown our services to encompass media, marketing, web and design, plus brought on clients who inspire and challenge us each day to do better. What's the best thing about Big Think? We've cut the fluff, you'll get honesty, clarity and cost-effectiveness with every brief.

Meet the team

Staff 1280X980 Tony



20 years in marketing has moved fast, now I've cut my teeth and lived a bit, my ambition levels have really cranked up. A love of random ideas, interesting people & out and out fun keeps me moving forward.

Staff 1280X980 Steph



A continual effort to be your cool Aunt, there's nothing I like more than a z-list celebrity spot, a pop playlist, maximalist home design & can always squeeze in another trip to California each year. I am never happier than stuck in a spreadsheet, or negotiating a price.

Staff 1280X980 Rob


Head of Creative

A lover of problems, everything is a puzzle that can be solved. With over 20 years experience in animation and advertising I love nothing more than bringing ideas to life. Looking for a scribble, a storyboard, a video edit or a chat? I'm your guy!

Staff 1280X980 Cat


Digital Marketing Manager

I'm all things marketing & have a particular passion for creative content & a *healthy* obsession with social. Known for being the most clumsy, injury-prone, allergic in the office.

Staff 1280X980 Scott

Scott C

Senior Designer

I cover everything from branding to social assets and everything in between. Whilst I have been doing this for a long time there is still no bigger buzz than seeing your work in the real world.

Staff 1280X980 Gillian


Paid Media Manager

Plan & book all media for clients in music, leisure and health. Love stripes, musicals, drag race podcasts & moonlighting as a baker.

Staff 1280X980 James


Account Manager

By day I keep everyone on track & get things done. By night I'm a heady mix of Harry Potter, TV binging and regular trips to the sun.

Staff 1280X980 Jen


Account Director

Avid reader, pug and cat mother, trained counsellor (which comes in handy in this game) and here to make our client's lives (and jobs) that bit easier.

Staff 1280X980 Declan


Digital Content & Social Manager

Spend my days immersed in the world of marketing; writing, researching and creating digital content. Can also be found intermittently scribbling down random words or ideas throughout the day. Both fund my love of live music, theatre and good scran.

Staff 1280X980 Temi


Finance Administrator

Here to manage and support financial duties across Big Think; my first agency. Outside of the office: I'm a freelance makeup artist, dabble in a bit of construction volunteering, love fashion, eating out & appreciate a good margarita. Variety's the spice of life!

Staff 1280X980 Robert


Senior Digital Marketing Manager

I've worked in marketing across agency and client roles for nearly 15 years. I love the satisfaction of putting a campaign together and seeing it make a measurable difference to a business. Outside of marketing I love going to gigs, watching Rangers and being the token vegan in the office!

Staff 1280X980 Lins


Marketing Executive

New to marketing industry so every day is exciting! I assist with ongoing campaigns alongside creating reports. Love music and socialising. Have an obsession with weird and funky earrings.

Staff 1280X980 Scott M

Scott M

Full-Stack Developer

A Big Thinker for longer than I’ll admit, I’m across web build, QA and support for most of our digital clients. When not at work you’ll find me at footgolf (yes, you read that right).

Staff 1280X980 Derek


Senior Developer

When not focused on your Sitecore or Umbraco website, I’m upskilling on .NET and front-end, that or I am watching Jaws. Again.

Staff 1280X980 Kyle



An adventurer at heart, for Big Think I am focused on Shopify and Wordpress experiences for our clients, for me, I’m booking holidays!

Staff 1280X980 Alfie


Best Boy


BIG Jukebox

This month's playlist: Hair Rock