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Scientifically merging multiple brands into one website - Thermo Fisher Scientific

We have worked with Thermo Fisher Scientific for over 8 years on a variety of projects, initially supporting a multi-brand merger into one simplified and concise global brand: ThermoScientific.

At that time, over 80,000 products were available across 4 different brands and, to reduce complexity and improve the overall customer experience, the decision was made to streamline to one core brand, with plans of retiring all legacy websites and touchpoints.


Thermo Fisher Scientific’s central goal was to ensure any existing and prospective customers clearly understood this transition with minimum disruption to their operations and relationships.

This subsequently informed our two-phased approach to the project: warm-up, and final deployment. 

For each stage, Big Think developed a selection of creative routes, each reflecting the idea of transition and consolidation to Thermo Scientifc and utilising both digital channels and print materials. Co-ordinating with the international project team, Big Think incorporated the relevant guidance into our design proposals which included informative flyers highlighting key details and activity milestones to slick digital creative.

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Collaborating with Thermo Fisher Scientific, the most relevant and effective creative route was selected. Big Think consequently progressed the initial design proposals, fine-tuning the creative style and rolling this out across email banners, digital ads, website content and printed flyers in the agreed two stages. Initially, designs reflected the upcoming merger, with all existing brands shown to be active, before combining these in the final activation stage as the new super brand, ThermoScientific.