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Media Buying, Creative Services & CRO for Scotland's largest music promoter

We have worked with DF Concerts & Events since 2021, however many of our team have managed their media buying and planning since 2011, looking after over 1,000 events annually across Scotland, from debut gigs to arena dates and outdoor.

But what exactly do we do every day?

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It's an old industry adage, but we really are an extension of their internal team. We work collaboratively to plan, negotiate and book all media placements across the UK on their behalf. Our remit is their entire media mix, from TV spots to social ads, and radio co-promos to 96 sheets and everything else you can imagine (murals, street art, guerrilla campaigning, stunts and more).

But it doesn’t stop there…

We have designed a bespoke gig management process via which manages all briefs, design assets, social content and more across both ourselves at Big Think, and the internal DFC Team. This system has also been set-up to manage all individual budgets, and media plans are built directly within the tool, allowing sign off on placements to be completely streamlined.

We also deliver artwork for each band announcement, video creation, animation services and more, whilst delivering ongoing campaign optimisation and reporting for all major events.

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The briefs are vast, and we've seen many act grow from formative gigs at King Tut's, to headlining TRNSMT, or selling out Glasgow's OVO Hydro. Our aim is to ensure that we are meeting ticket sale KPIs in a cost effective way, but planning campaigns that stand out both creatively, and via creative placements.

So, if you've seen The Killers on a billboard recently, or The Last Dinner Party in your Facebook feed, or heard Nicki Minaj's latest audio ad within your favourite Spotify playlist, you'll now know who's behind it all!

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