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A vehicle for digital presence - designing and building a website for Carntyne Transport 

We first began working with Carntyne Transport and the wider Russell Group in 2015. Since then we have been providing a range of services from design and creative support to paid media.  

Now, almost a decade later, Carntyne Transport needed a new website and we were on hand to deliver.

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To begin, we carried out a collaborative review of the existing website, discussing key concerns and potential improvements. Simultaneously, given the progression of time, the website requirements and client needs had also moved on, coupled with their Umbraco updates required, this allowed us to take a fresh look at everything.  

Aesthetically, the client wanted to modernise the website, expand the colour palette and generally improve their online appeal for prospective customers and employees, therefore we worked with them to create digital brand guidelines as part of the project too.  

We’ve introduced a fresh and clean colour palette to augment the main brand colour of maroon, lending the Carntyne brand a more contemporary look. 

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We needed to reflect the scale and reach of the brand. We wanted to make it as user-friendly as possible, working effectively on both desktop and mobile and with very clearly defined touchpoints and user journey to allow every customer to find what they are looking for in as few clicks as possible.  

Their offering is large, and therefore UX and content architecture were important first steps in our discussions to ensure we handled this appropriately.  

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To support with attracting potential employees, we refreshed the careers section, introducing more employee-led and insightful content.  

We helped introduce new web content, educated by their user’s search trends, and competitor analysis. Sustainability, for example, is a great topic of importance for them, and their news section was historically well read, but lacking in up to date content.  

Their team also required brand new forms, and calls-to-action across the site, reducing spam and incorrectly routed requests. We’ve introduced Umbraco Forms across the site, and worked with their internal team to revisit necessary information for enquiries that work for both customer, and client.  

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We are now in the process of reviewing content and user journeys for other brands in the John G Russell portfolio, with a view to new sites launching in 2024, thanks to the success of this new site.  

With a new CMS in place, this allows us to utilise existing templates and panels, resulting in a reduction in development time, and an appealing and complementary look for all brands in the family.  

Check back soon for more on these new launches.