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Online support for MND Scotland

MND Scotland were looking for a digital partner who could provide them with online support and continue to develop their website. The website is an integral part of MND Scotland’s online presence as it allows them to provide valuable support, promote events and raise vital funds.

We’ve been enhancing their online presence since we took over management of their website, which included a full transfer and site rebuild, plus hosting and ongoing website support. We have also provided digital marketing training to allow the team to manage their PPC campaigns effectively.

Imagine microsite

Working with MND Scotland’s design team, we built a microsite for MND Action Week. The site was built for mobile first and is fully responsive across all devices. All the charity’s online and offline activity was directed to the microsite, getting over 2,200 page views when the campaign launched.

Quick Links microsite

MND Scotland wanted a resource site that people living with MND could connect with the world and use with ease. We developed and built a simple and easy-to-use microsite, suitable for users with very limited mobility or eye tracking software.