When ShakyShaky approached us with a product idea which sounded like it belonged in Dragons' Denwe jumped at the chance to be involved. 

What's the idea? Well... have you ever gone to get yourself a bowl of cereal, just to find cereal dust at the bottom of the box? We’ve all been there and we feel your pain but nowShakyShaky is here to save the day! (Yes, really... find out more here.) 

Our work with ShakyShaky

Initially, ShakyShaky needed a brand image and an e-commerce websitwhich reflected their quirky product, so it was over to us to do just that. Then they needed tlaunch their product to the world, so we set about creating a cereal killer (sorry...) of a social media campaign. 

We took over ShakyShaky's social media channels and really shook things up. In the first few weeks alone, we achieved over 600,000 impressions over Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, getting ShakyShaky seen by cereal lovers across the UK.