Scouts Scotland

Scouting is synonymous with childhood for so many people, ourselves included. It’s where we learned to climb, camp and tie knots, but nowadays Scouting is so much more than singing round the campfire. It gives young people genuine opportunities to develop into adulthood; from camping to communication skills, and even coding.

So, when we heard that Scouts Scotland were looking for an agency to design their Annual Review, we jumped at the chance to get involved. Their previous reviews looked great and had been hugely successful, but we knew that Scouts Scotland wanted to take it to the next level – and we started to think, ‘How can we improve it?’

Our work with Scouts Scotland

We set out to create an Annual Review that really stood out and connected with Scouts Scotland’s audience. We had loads of great ideas along the way, and working with the Scouts team, brought an open and friendly vibe to the Annual Review through contemporary illustrations.

We set out to represent modern Scouting as relevant, encouraging and inclusive, and we think we did a pretty good job. Through original illustrations, we were able to show how progressive today’s Scouting is, with Scouts characters shown in real scenarios – from the classic image of Scouts round the campfire, to a more modern twist, with MSYPs in front of Holyrood, making decisions that affect young people.

Bringing the review to life

It may be the digital age, but print isn’t dead yet. In fact, we’re firm believers that nothing beats a well-produced document, and this Annual Review was no different. So we worked collaboratively with our printers to deliver a vibrant printed review, which was sure to grab readers’ attention.

As well as a printed review, we created a short video to highlight key milestones from the last year. The Scouts characters were brought to life through animation and rolled out across various platforms. You can check it out here:

What’s next?

We’re excited to work with Scouts Scotland more in the future, so Be Prepared to hear more soon...