Johnston Fuels

Johnston Fuels distribute oil and gas to homes and businesses across Scotland. With a variety of brands under one umbrella (Johnston Fuels, J Oils and J Gas to name a few) each doing their own thing, there was a lack of consistency in their marketing materials.

For the last few years, we’ve been working with their marketing department to address that, showcasing them as a main player in the oil and gas industry.

Our work with Johnston Fuels

First and foremost, we created a new brand image. Within a month, all tankers had been branded up and were on the roads - one of the quickest roll-outs of new branding we have ever been involved with.

We’ve been involved in updating all of their marketing materials and brand assets, from new stationery to a new website and online knowledge centre. And you certainly can’t miss the distinctive collection of ‘J’ images, bringing the brand to life in a series of relevant environments.