Caffè Parma

You can imagine the excitement when one of our favourite Italian restaurants said that they we're opening a cool new venue... and they wanted us do the branding and build the website.

Our brief was to echo the Paperino's brand in the name of the new eatery at to convey the cafe culture of Northern Italy. Caffe Parma (yes the spelling's correct, it's Italian) was born.

Perfectly positioned in Glasgow’s West End, it has quickly established itself as one of 'the’ restaurants in the West End... just try getting a table on a sunny evening.

Our work with Caffe Parma

Our first task was to use the equity of the Paperino’s brand to create a new identity for the restaurant. The client was delighted to see the Paperino’s ‘P’ being used in the new logo, instantly creating the important link to the existing brand.

Taking inspiration from the floor to ceiling windows, the quality of the furnishings and simplicity of the food, extending this brand to the online experience was a fluid process. The bright and simple website echoes the restaurant perfectly and is almost as big of a hit as the food - pat on the back all around.