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Ever thought about your brand values?

What are brand values?

Do you strive to deliver the best customer service? Perhaps you pride yourself on having the lowest prices on the market? Maybe your company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint?

Whatever you call it – your mission statement, your ethos or your core values – it’s about what’s important to you as a company. Knowing this can help develop your proposition and gives a good foundation for building your brand identity.


How does it affect your brand?

To give an idea of how your values shape your identity and can help position your brand, think of these 2 major companies: BrewDog and TOMS. Two very successful companies with two completely different values, which results in two very different brand images.

TOMS is a shoe company with a difference. Their ethos is 'One for One' – for every pair of shoes they sell, they donate another pair to a person in need. They are a company with a social conscious and this forms the basis of their brand. From the choice of images to their natural-feel shoe boxes, their brand values come through loud and clear, making them one of the most successful shoe manufacturers in the market right now.


Now think of BrewDog, whose ‘Punk’ ethos is based around disrupting the beer market. Formed in 2007 to provide an alternative to mass-produced lagers, BrewDog is now one of the most successful brewers on the market, with many smaller breweries popping up on the back of their success. Known for their bold packaging, their controversial press releases and provocative PR stunts, they’ve created a truly recognisable brand image.


It’s no coincidence that these are two hugely successful brands, dominating their markets. Brand values help you position yourself in a crowded marketplace, standing out from the crowd.

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