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'Can you make me a logo?'

We get a lot of requests like this. And sure, of course we can. But when we’re asked this question, we start thinking about how we can help you build your brand. Your brand is more than a logo; that’s just a small part of what makes up your brand identity. Think of your brand as a person – your logo is the face of your brand, but everything from how you look to what you say makes up your personality.

So how do you build a brand?

Ok, so you’ve got your business plan and you know who your customers are. One thing your agency might ask you about is your company ethos. Are you all about delivering great customer service? Perhaps you pride yourself on being the cheapest in the market? Maybe your company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Knowing this can help develop your proposition and gives a good foundation for building your brand identity.

So now it's time to start building your brand! Here's some of the elements that go into creating a great brand identity:


Your logo is the most obvious way for customers to identify you. It's the face of your brand and says a lot about you. Some logos have an obvious meaning, some have words, or graphics (or both) but what they all have in common is that they reflect who you are as a company and what you stand for as a brand.


Your look and style says a lot about your brand. The fonts you choose, your colour palette, your choice of images… these all form your brand identity. Used consistently, this will create a visual style which your customers will come to recognise as you.

Tone of voice

So you look the part, but how do you sound? How you write and what you say will give your brand a voice. Think about how you want your voice to be heard... are you friendly and conversational? Or do you prefer to be formal and to the point? Your tone of voice should be carried through all your communications - your ads, social media posts, emails... basically any way you engage with your customers.


Your communication strategy helps shape how your customers see your brand. Think about how you want to keep in touch with your customers. Are you going to send out engaging email campaigns, show off your personality on social media, or perhaps go for a traditional print campaign? An integrated strategy (which uses a combination of channels) is often the key to success.


If Google is the high street, then your website is your shop window. So does it look eye-catching? When customers come in, do they know where they’re going? Will they want to buy anything? Will they tell anyone when they leave? A good website is easy to navigate, reflects your brand and leaves customers feeling satisfied once they leave.

And that’s not all…

Once you’ve developed your winning brand, there’s loads of ways to bring it to life. Decorate your office, maybe get a brand mascot!

Protecting your brand

Brand guidelines help protect your brand and keep it looking good. They cut down the risk of something going out the door that doesn’t reflect you and build consistency across all your communications. Every element that makes up your brand, from your logo to your website, should be covered in your brand guidelines.

And if you need a helping hand building your brand or developing brand guidelines, just get in touch. We’d be glad to help you out!


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Fiona is part of the client services team, helping managing our client's marketing, branding and website projects.